Managing software development teams is a unique challenge. In other industries managers can be people without the knowledge of the profession of their employees. In IT, and especially in software development, the figure of a team leader without development knowledge is not maintained.

In general, people from the same development teams are promoted to be the new leaders. These people go from being [very] good technicians to being beginner leaders. This without any training or previous experience. To that formula, we add the classic introverted personality and with important shortcomings in key soft skills for a leader: communication, empathy, teamwork, leadership, emotional intelligence and decision making; a recipe for failure in many cases.

In this talk, we will see some recurring errors, such as the above, and what to do to avoid them or mitigate their impact if they were already committed. We will see, also, that a new leader is expected from the point of view of the positions above and below it.

A less traumatic promotion strategy will be exposed to all parties. Finally, we will see an action plan for the leader or manager recently promoted or hired. A practical guide for the first days in the position.

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Salón Seminario
Lorenzo Solano