Anyone who’s been to CodeCampSDQ will tell you it’s an incredible experience. But if you’re going to ask your employer to pick up the tab, you have to make a good case for attending.

Here’s a bit of tactical advice on getting your manager to send you to CodeCampSDQ in 2021: It’s not about you, it’s about how your entire team (in fact, your whole company) will benefit from the information and insights you’ll gain.

Let’s roundup the benefits for your boss:

  • I will gain insights and best practices relevant to my work

From coding legends to hometown heroes, these accomplished individuals share their stories and lessons they’ve learned throughout their careers and in doing so, pass on invaluable knowledge to the audience. I will walk away from the event feeling motivated and inspired to apply those lessons to my own work.

  • I will keep ahead of the trends and innovations in our field

To stay relevant in our profession, we have to know the latest trends and how to implement them in our organization. With several sessions focused on innovation in each track, trendsetting speakers, and hundreds of professionals attending, there is no better place to take the pulse of the industry than CodeCampSDQ.

  • I will make valuable connections

I gain access to an unparalleled network of development professionals, from peers to mentors to industry leaders. The speakers, attendees, and exhibitors are at the forefront of the industry; they are the game-changers. They won’t just be presenting to me; they’ll be sitting next to me, attending sessions, and having lunch with me. This is my opportunity to find out how to stay ahead of the curve!

  • I will bring back lessons and best practices to share with my team

I will take what I learn from CodeCampSDQ and share it with my team. I’ll have the tools and know-how to implement the latest development strategies. It’s not just about my personal development. By successfully using what I learn at CodeCampSDQ, I’ll improve our organization’s bottom line!

The Most Common Objection

“It’s too expensive!”

Your answer

“This isn’t just a one-day event; its benefits will carry over through the rest of the year, so it’s a great value. I’ll capture detailed notes from every session, and our whole team can learn along with me.”

Your closing argument:

“When I get back from the conference, I’ll schedule a recap session with you (the boss) and the team. I’ll present my notes and speaker handouts from all the sessions I attended. I’ll recommend new ideas for our workflow, teamwork, processes, and the way we work with our clients. I’ll show you all the great resource material I picked up that can save us money. Sending me to the conference means elevating our whole team — and when our work improves, you look good too.”